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1973 Triad by David Kroos original serigraph 20/24

1973 Triad by David Kroos original serigraph 20/24

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Original signed 1973 serigraph titled "Triad" numbered 20/24 in a brushed aluminum frame by Minnesota graphic artist David Kroos.

David Kroos uses found objects, computer circuit plates which date to the 1950s, as the sources for his designs. He removes sections of the plate, making an etching directly from it and then uses this impression to prepare the screens for printing. His early work maintained a strict geometric regularity, but recently he has been much more spontaneous in his approach, allowing the work to flow freely, taking advantage of interesting accidental arrangements. The resultant image is more organic and subtler, with a blending of the colors and often the addition of embossing or fiber arts.

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